If I don’t own the gear you need, I’ll get it


Sound Devices 552 – 5 channel mixer with on-board stereo recorder

Zaxcom Nomad 12 – This versatile mixer/recorder can accept up to ten audio inputs and record up to 12 tracks. It has multiple outputs for sending custom mixes to cameras, ifb headsets, and additional recording devices. It’s reliable internal clock can generate timecode or jam from other devices. The LED screen can display timecode for visual jamming on the fly. It records to a master CF card and mirrors to an additional card, which can be easily passed off to producers or media managers at the end of the day.



With four 411 series transmitter/receivers and two more 401 series pairs, I can cover most productions needs. Sankin COS-11 lavaliers are my first choice, for maximizing sound quality in an easy-to-hide microphone. My kit also includes Countryman B6 lavaliers.


For a rock solid wireless hop to camera with high functionality, I use the Zaxccom QRX100. This 4-channel digital transceiver delivers clean audio to your camera while also either feeding or receiving timecode. In the rare event of a wireless dropout, I will have a timecode synched recording backing up the camera.

The RX900S stereo receiver can work in my bag or provide an additional wireless hop for B camera.

The TRX900  with the STX stereo adapter works as my hop transmitter.

The TRX900 and a TRX900LT work as an additional two wireless microphones when not used in the hop system, bringing my total to eight.

The ERX2TCD is streamlined and lightweight ifb receiver that can feed digital reference audio to camera along with timecode. It mounts easily to even the smallest cameras and makes synching picture with the high quality audio recording on my mixer flawlessly easy. Each receiver has a timecode readout and can also be used with a headset by script supervisors, producers and editors as they take timecode referenced notes or simply monitor content on set. I have three ERXs in my kit and can rent additional receivers at your request.


The Schoeps CMIT5U is the latest addition to my kit. This beautifully quiet short shotgun microphone brings rich audio quality and versatility to any environment.

The Sennheiser 416 is a lively sounding short shotgun microphone well suited for exteriors and off-axis noise cancellation.

The Oktava MK-012-01 has a rich, full, and natural sound, ideal for voice over recording and interviews in quiet indoor environments.


Denecke TS-C Smart Slate


Comtek content monitor with two drops